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Beginning Infinite Jest

I am fifty pages into Infinite Jest and absolutely loving it. Reading it requires a lot of attention, as I feel I need to actually digest every word and my brain needs to work differently to comprehend the pace, and language, and the inside-out way that the novel seems to be put together. So far, so strange. Each passage really stands out and sticks in my mind. There are several pages devoted to a man waiting for his dope to arrive, and the way you as a reader are inside his hyperactive / overwrought / anxiety-ridden / obsessive compulsive mind is incredible. There is another passage that I loved too, where the main character Hal is sent to a ‘conversationalist’ who turns out to be his father Himself who has disguised himself with a new face in order to get his son to talk. His son Hal can talk but the father (and some of the other characters) have delusions that he is either mute or monstrously incomprehendable. At least that’s what I think happens. The book is brilliant and I’m excited about finishing it over the winter break. I’m also noticing a lot of connections (or inspirations) between the novel and the exhibition, which is really furthering my desire to read it. I feel like a lot of my contributions to this project are going to be grounded in the novel.

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